A few weeks ago I decided I wanted to go to this really special school called a Governor's School (Graduate from it and you pretty much write your own ticket into college). This particular one specializes in arts and technology, right up my alley. Unfortunately being homeschooled has become a downfall. Since we don't subscribe to the local paper and I don't hear school announcements, I had no way of knowing the final deadline for applications was December 1 (This is applications for next school year, mind you.). Now if I even want a chance to get in (and this is the only thing I can do at all, really) my mom has to write an appeal tonight, send it to the Gifted Coordinator who'll forward it to the super, who will decide if I have a case. If so it gets sent back to the coordinator and I'm on the waiting list. All that just for the waiting list. That's not the worst of it.

They're only letting in 2 kids in this area this year. Of the 6 that applied, 2 will get in. The only chance anyone on the waiting list will have is if someone decides they don't really want to go to the school or if someone transfers out. Next year is even worse, if I decide to try it then. Next year, 1 kid will be let in. That's it.

I just had to rant. Being homeschooled really sucks this year, all around.