Some of you may not know, but PD has beena round for about 4ish years or so now- possibly longer. Some have been here since about the start, and others are a bit newer- some fall in the middle, like myself. Whether or not you're new-gen or not though, that doesn't change the fact that some of us have gotten close to others in ways besides that of just a forum-bud.

With this in mind, I have an offer. I mentioned this in another thread, but I figure a formal written offer would work a bit better =P I have access to a Ventrilo server, and access to a public Ventrilo as well. I'm admin on one, and know the admin of the other. Here's why I bring this up-

Some of said friends live in areas across the world- a good +5-9 hours ahead of many of us, and make talking verbally an issue if you want more than one person at a time talking. Ventrilo is a program you download from a website that allows voice communication of many users at once through a Microphone at your computer, for free.

I offer up my vent for your use, to talk to who you wish, when you wish- under the condition you respect the owners and other admins wishes, and be respectful in a moderate sense

I can help you get set up, and work your way around. This would allow you all to chat over vent while messing around online (it's ran in the background, so it wouldn't really hamper any of your browsing or whatever), or just to talk when you're bored. And it would allow up to 40 of us to talk at once =P

Let me know what's up and if you're interested, and I'll see about setting you up. I figured I'd try to help in what ways I can <3