This is mostly revolving around the ideals of communism and the effects on our economies and world, applied to real life and the changes it would make to the world as we know it. Some countries have already adapted the system or at least claimed they have so there is material to base our predictions on, with every opinion please include some sort of known fact, instances of blunder for example, to give substance to your argument.

So what first sparked my interest was a few weeks ago I had sat down and read George Orwell's Animal Farm. To those who haven't read this book, the name is deceiving. This book is the equivalent of the Russian Revolution and events leading up to it, a clever counterpart placed into a farm situation, with animals and humans. It shows the downfall of communism on Russia and follows from the time of Karl Marx, the founder of Communism, all towards the end of the Trotsky-Stalin rivalry. For more info, refer to this: which lists the cultural references and the significance of the characters.

The main plot of the book begins with a corrupt farmer, Mr. Jones, representing Nicholas the II, constantly maltreating the animals and a heavy drinker. Following the leadership of Old Major the animals prepare and plot the rebellion to overthrow the power of Mr. Jones. This is much like Karl Marx, leading a small group which grew and taught them the ideal
Towards the end of the book, we see Joseph Stalinís reign, the apparent equality for all, shattered as power corrupted what was intended by Marx to be a nation where no poverty or wealth dwelled.

Communism, a system idealizing for equality with all people. Itís a nice thought, but in a money-driven society I find that it simply cannot function. Our lives are filled with the classes depending on wealth, limiting our resources and supplies. There is a fine line between wants and needs which is almost always fueled by our level of wealth or importance. To me it manifestly could not work with our race, mankind, whose sole purpose in life really is to make money. Since the beginning of our time that is how our economies functioned, back to the days of bartering. The main reason would be because of goods and services, there is no motivation without some sort of reward. It is in our blood to do something for something else in return. Perhaps, centuries ago, we could've avoided this but generation after generation, the use and importance of money has been battered into our minds and ingrained. You could argue that we were made to be greedy, selfish SOBs but I would think maybe, possibly those millenniums ago we couldíve avoided the unjust economy we live in today. Obviously the past canít be changed and I would argue that there is no way out. 100 years from now it may only get worse, the gap between poor and rich widening. Communism just can't function in the world we live in today and it wonít be getting any better in the future.

Anyway, the Discussion forum hasn't had a very engaging debate in a while now so this highly political and controvertial topic, I hope, should liven it up. I've missed a good debate.