This guy is an angel in disguise or something. He's tearing up my cool charts to the top like no one's business, as well as giving me superb opinions to weigh against my own which helps me make many better level headed decisions. Always an interesting story or picture or just something entertaining from him. Squid will never ask something of you he would not ask of himself, and does not make anyones life remotely less than perfect. Well articulated, always brings a different scope to a situation and helps you see things you didn't before.

Put all this boss status on what Squid already does, and how can you not love him?

I would drop my pants in front of Squid on command if he desired, and i wouldn't even request a reach around. Not that I need to, because Squid is so unselfish he would already be doing it before i had the thought.

Giant Squid, i salute you with my pride as well as my heart.