So, you've decided to join the good Pokedream forums? There could be no better choice. Or perhaps you are just looking around, deciding whether or not it is the place for it, well I can assure you it almost certainly is! But before you jump right it, perhaps you should take some time to find out the basics of message board posting, and how things work around here in particular.

So What is PD all about?
- Well it's about a great deal of things! What draws most casual posters is the Pokemon discussion, but the true greatness of PD lies in its casual discussion forums - Misc. offers humor and groovy people, the Discussion forum has intelligent debates with very insightful posters, and the RP and Art forums are also rather active with recognizable and good posters, if you're into that kind of thing as well.

Threads? Posts? Message Boards? WHAT IS ALL THIS TOMFOOLERY
- Well, I can assure you, it's not tomfoolery at all, in fact it's quite easy to get the hang of! Threads are subjects of discussion, you can start a new one by clicking the "new thread" icon at the top of the page. Posts are responses to that topic, and can be made by clicking the "New Post" Icon, or in the Quick Reply box at the bottom of the thread.

So who runs all this business?
- Mewtwo started it, and is still the #1 admin, he is not active in terms of posting, but logs in generally every day to see what goes on if his power is needed.

So then there's NO active admins!? That's crazy!
- Whoa, Whoa Whoa! Slow down son, no one's crazy here! We have other administrators who are very active. God and Fullmetal are the current active administrators, and I will explain them as well as the moderator staff to you later in the guide to the inner workings of the forums.

Private Messages? What's that. I don't have any - is it because no one likes me?
- No of course not! You don't have any because you just joined, silly. Private Messages are a way for posters to talk about things that are off topic, or they simply want to remain out of public view. You can have a total of 2,500 messages - that's in your inbox AND outbox.

Man look at those snazzy pictures people have under their names. I wish I had one.
- Well they're called avatars, and your wish is about to come true if you follow these simple instructions!
User CP > Settings and Options > Edit Avatar > Then you can upload a file from your computer, or just enter the link to the image.

There's some kind of ... "BALLS", under my username. Hey wait, are they pokeballs!? NEAT ! What do they mean?
- They are an indication of your rank - they raise with posts. You get 2 at 500 posts, 3 at 1000 posts, 4 at 3000 posts, 5 at 6000 posts, and 6 at 12000 posts. For special ranks, there are different colors. Moderators have orange, Super Mods have Red, and Administrators have Gold.

Man my username is mad lame. How I gonna get this changed?
- Only an admin can change a username. Your best bet would be to Private Message God.

So I'm tryin to post this cool picture I got, but only a link comes up. I see that some people actually have the ACTUAL image displayed? Is there a way I can do that too, or is it MAGIC?
- Now Pokedream Forums are indeed a magical place, but not THAT magical!! You can have actual images display rather easily. Just get the URL of the image, and use these tags: [.img]*url here*[./img], without the .'s in front of "img" though, or course.

So then, now that we have a good grip on the technical aspects of the forum, let's delve into the inner workings of it!

Could you please tell me about the moderation Staff?
- I sure can, and nothing would make me happier!

Mewtwo - He created the forums all the way back in the hazy, unchronicled days of 2003. He posts very very rarely, and if ever it's probably as an announcement, or in the Mod forum, which you cant see. He logs in almost every day though, so if there is a crisis he needs to solve, he will be able to. If you PM him asking for something, he will probably either not respond or tell you to talk to God or Fullmetal.

God - The top poster of the forum, and the most powerful administrator technically other than Mewtwo, and the most important as far as policy and daily goings on of the forums are concerned even moreso than Mewtwo. Purchased the vB forums, and therefore is the forum's creditor and proprietor, along with former admin Dogar the Brave. He is usually in the Misc. forums, but will venture into other forums if there is enough of a dispute that people ask his input, or sometimes just for fun, or to see how things are going, and try to appoint new Moderators to those forums who have a better grasp on those particular sections than he does. If you have any issues about the forum, he is the one you should be PMing for a solution.

Fullmetal - A very popular and powerful poster. He has some technical admin powers, but not as much as God or Mewtwo, but is very influential in the running of the forum. You could PM him for administrative action if you want, but he would most likely re-direct you to God. If you have a concern with policy, or the actions of another poster, then he would be equally as good as God to go to.

Super Mods(also known as Gym Leaders)

Devil - One of the greatest posters of all time, a supreme wielder of justice and a strong voice of reason and strength, thus is why he was given the position. At the moment he is inactive, and hasn't been on for a number of months.

Espeonmaster - One of the longest running mods on the forum. She is less intimidating and more of the friend to the newbs than most on the staff.

Giant Squid - An angry Ogre. He is the one who locks the most threads and bans the most posters, if you're looking for a kind, understanding mod to settle a forum dispute, go elsewhere.

kg - Lesbian. She posts usually a couple times a week, but isn't consistently active. She could be someone to go to for help, but she would most likely direct you to one of the admins.

Ninetails 009 - By far the newest addition to the staff. She mainly patrols the non-Misc forums, and is active, so would be the best choice for most newer posters to go to.

pichubro - pichubro rocks. she is above your problems.

Pikatwo - Another mod who is not shy of locking or banning, and another mod who might be a tad too intimidating or harsh for the newer members.


Chrizz - RP forums. Teams with Ninetails 009 there.

Hicky - Pokemon forums. His word is the Supreme Law of the Northlands.

Nocturne - Legend of a Pokemon Dream, a forum-wide RP. Has no power outside of that area.

In most places, there is a social hierarchy. It has been essential in all societies, and will continue to be in the future. Is PD like that?
- Indeed it is, there are many posters who have more influence and should be respected. I will now give you a tutorial on the hierarchy of Pokedream Forums:

The very very Top-Teir posters. These are the ones where if they tell you to do something, you do it.

God - The top administrator, and the top poster. He came in with Dogar the Brave and completely revolutionized the forum. Without them PD would be nothing like it is now, and probably nothing period. He is a benevolent ruler, and will be kind and helpful to new members, unless they engage in faulty behavior and incur his ire, in which case his vengeance is swift and destructive.

Fullmetal - Along with God, he is at the very top of the forum. He is a mighty foe, and if one should engage him in verbal combat, they shall be destroyed. Generally a benevolent ruler, but will sometimes destroy newbs, while other times he will protect them.

TeenageAngst - An old veteran from the glory days of battle. He is not very active, but still plays an important role when he is here. He doesn't mingle with the newbs, but one should be sure not to get in his way.

Devil - Another person who does not mingle with the newbs, but if you should incur his wrath, he rage will reach through your computer screen and physically destroy you. He is an extremely important posters despite sporadic activity, and has great effect on policy - God values his views on forum situations like no one else's.

Mario The Black Knight - Mingles with newbs, usually to destroy them. If he comes after you, simply back down, and you may earn him hating you less. He is currently inactive, but when he comes back, if you are one of the newbs he feels are ruining the board, your career here will be very short-lived.

Then we have the very important posters, but not the ones who will mostly be directly influencing you or the major activities of the board. These include Mex, and extremely important and valued poster who doesn't mingle with the newbs much, and is generally nice to them. Eve, who is an important and influential poster throughout PD's modern existence, she is less active now and probably wouldn't care about newbs. kg, a lesbian who isn't very active anymore, and is generally nice to newbs. Giant Squid, and powerful and sometimes very active poster who can go both ways with you(lol), sometimes newbs feel his wrath, but he may take an erratic liking to you, and protect you from the fury of others. Xion, who is very inactive and how knows if he'll ever be regularly active again, who is generally benevolent to the newbs and will help them find their way, as he was an active RPer as well as a valued Misc poster- a very rare combination.

Of course, there are many other posters, but I feel this is a sufficient explanation at the current time.

Wow, this sounds a bit intimidating. Is Pokedream a mean forum?
- No, not at all! This is a common misconception. We like to joke around about elitism, and certainly have a solid hierarchy, but it isn't hard to come in new and be liked here at all.

Simple do the following:
Be mild-mannered. Don't be cocky or think you are better than already established posters, but be a nice, mild-mannered poster and people will leave you alone and often take a liking to you.

Don't post too much, unless you're good. And don't assume you are good unless a respected poster has told you you are. Keep it maybe to 10 posts in Misc. a day, unless you have something substantial to say.

Don't try to fight the power. If a member begins flaming you, just back away and don't make a scene of it. You will gain much respect for this.

That is really all it takes. Some people will tell you PD is full of elitist who love to flame newbs, but this isn't true at all - they just were not able to follow those simple guidelines for new posters. Anyone who can will be well liked and agreeable.

A lot of people are telling me to stay away from "Misc." Should I really?

Not at all. Misc. is always looking for new posters, whether they be great, standout posters, or agreeable background posters who contribute in their own way. Just follow the guidelines I listed in the last section, and you will be fine. Maybe you shouldn't completely jump right into Misc, if you're into Pokemon or RPing they could be a better place to lay down 'roots' at first, but post in Misc. if you have something you want to respond too, just don't flood the forum with your posts, or people will get a negative first opinion of you. Just be nice, follow the guidelines, and respect elder members, and you or anyone else would do perfectly fine in Misc, no matter what others might say.

If anyone has any additional questions or points they feel should be addressed, feel free to list them. If not, happy posting!!!