Well, there is much confusion about the workings of the Northland boards, and many misplaced topics throughout time. Now, I am going to clear up exactly what should be posted in these boards and clear up stuff I feel needs clearing up.

General Pokemon Discussion - This should only be posted in if there is no other boards matching the description. This means general topics, such as 'Favourite Pokemon', 'Slowbro is cool!', 'What is a Pokemon? Can you eat it', 'Why is Pokemon so successful?'. Also, if you need to console to more than one of the boards, post it here, such as something that relates both to the games and the anime and is a general discovery or discussion topic.

You should post discussions such as how much your Pokémon games cost and how many you have here, also.

Pokémon Games Discussion - This is where you should post about the Pokemon video games. Sounds obvious enough, but it should relate to the story or generic plot, or the video games themselves, not the specific ingame mechanics. You should post help about ingame teams here, aswell, instead of the Competitive Workshop.

Pokemon Anime Discussion - Self explanatory. Post about the anime, or cartoon currently being broadcasted.

Pokemon TCG Discussion - Post about the Trading Card Game.

Competitive Workshop - This is the forum that needs clearing up. This is not a forum just for team rating. It's also for talking about strategies, Netbattle / Shoddy Battle / Competitor / Wifi tournaments, the competitive metagame and team building.

Coming soon