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Not so much an FAQ as a tutorial, now that I think about it. Here we go:

I also have to put this out, when raiding or doing instances or anything that takes group coordination, use vent. You have no idea how much easier it makes things. To get vent go here and download the client and install. The vent server info is in the guild information section in game. If you have any questions ask either Eli or myself, in that order.

Follow those directions and get your clientel- once done, open it up. Start by creating a username, and phonetic- that's the first drop down box you'll see, at the very top. Click the arrow to the right to start. Select "New" and fill out the form. Most people like the phonetic to mimic your in-game name, but I really couldn't care less. Mine specially says "Bitches be flockin' ", so that when I come and go from a channel or server it says "Bitches be flockin' has left the server/channel". Pretty nifty.

On my vent, this is what it looks like:

Vent Username and Phonetic

Once this is done, you must then make a server selection, one that you have info to that you wish to connect on. We don't have one of our own yet, but I know of a rarely used one that will do for now. Select the arrow to the right of the second drop-box to begin this process. Select "New" again, and input the following information-

Name- ** (to be named, depending)
Hostname IP- **
Port- **
Password- *blank*
Default Channel- *blank*

Select 'ok'. Afterwards, this is what it should look like:

Vent Server Specs

Once this is done, you're ready to connect to the server. To move channels, just right click the channel name, and you move to that channel.

For those of you with mics, this is how you would speak:

Go to set-up, on the right hand side, under chat, and start to mess around. This is how your set-up should look though:

Mic Setup

Your outbound should probably be at 0, but I have a really quite microphone =P As for push to talk key, I have it on the button to the left of the 1 key, but really it could be anything. You could make it the right click button on your mouse, the mouse wheel- anything you want. Just make sure you unbind that key in game through Key Bindings, found in the Esc. Menu.

Also, your choice of Mixer will probably be different than mine- that's your sound card specs, really. I have Realtek Audio, you may have something else. The important thing is your speaker types are there =P

Also, if you have a mac, this codex may not work for you. You'll have to let me know.

If there are any other questions, feel free to post and ask me. Otherwise, see you in game

I'm Drae =P Anyways-

There's that. Let me know if anyone's interested, and I could hop on and say hello.