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Thread: Fake card tutorial

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    Default Fake card tutorial

    Heres a tutorial on how to make your own Pokemon TCG cards, you can change the name that appears on them, the image, the design, attacks, or whatever you want

    First find an image of a Pokemon card, then copy and paste it onto paint, and now we start editing...

    To change the name

    First, copy part of the background on the card, then use the area select tool and select all of the Pokemon's name, then right click and select "Clear Selection", and then paste the bit of the background you copied to cover it up

    Next, go to "Image" then select "Draw Opaque" and then use the text tool to add a new name

    To change the image

    Changing the image is actually pretty easy, you just need to copy and paste the new image over the old one and resize it if you need to

    To change the attacks

    Changing the attacks is similiar to changing the name, just do the same as you would do if you were changing the name, but you'll probably need a larger background, to get enough, simply paste it multiple times until you've filled the whole area, and then insert the text
    To change the type of an attack, copy and paste the type symbol from another card, and recolour the background if you need to

    I hope the guide helped

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    Pretty Cool guide, You can do the same sorta thing to make trainer cards...

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    Moved to art board, because no one looks in TCG anyway.

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    ... Oh, I see. People still fake cards? What's the point in that?

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    Well, I guess by making fake cards u can make them as strong as you want, not to mention the originallity of the photos.

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