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    The sun rose over another day in Creation. It's light was tarnished in Thorns however, the massive death and the presence of the Deathlord had expanded the shadowland outside the side, encompassing it and bridging the lands of Creation and the Underworld. Ghosts could walk here. When darkness fell, Thorns would be cut off from Creation, a part of the Underworld, until the sun rose again. The daytime however, was a time for the living. It was harder for the ghosts to materialize and the zombies did little but stand at attention. That left mortals with little to fear in the sun but, the deathknights of their new ruler, and their fellow man.

    Cascading Brine spit on the dock. Work was slow. The Deathlord hadn't closed the port but other cities were leary of sending ships to dock in a city ruled by the dead. Oh well, that meant more time to drink. The dockhand made his way to the Twilight Anchor,a bar that had existed in Thorns for over a hundred years. A least the liquor would take the taste of defeat out his mouth for a little while.

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    Jasmine woke up. She got out of bed. She stretched. She got dressed. She put on her spectacles.

    The world became a bit sharper. Jasmine could once again read the finer details of the world around her: the loose stitching of her tunic, the cobwebs on the corners of the ceiling, just out of reach, the sunlight playing through the dust motes that encompassed her. Outside it was already loud. Jasmine peered outside of her window, gazing down a wide avenue to the port, where deckhands called to one another and gulls dotted the sky. The sunlight, dulled as it was, was something she reveled in. Her gaze moved lower to see a line of people already waiting at her door. Jasmine sighed.

    She headed down a ladder into her office. It was her only pride and joy, and consequently was kept spotless.

    Jasmine sifted through her files. She got out her inkwell and quill. She inked her stamps. She opened the front door.

    "Alright, who's first?"

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