Thorns was once a thriving metropolis. 30,000 people lived in it's cities and fished and traded along the edge of the Inner Sea. True the city was a Satrapy of the Realm and owed it's allegiance to the Scarlet of Empress of the Dragon Blooded Dynasty, but still live was comfortable for the people of Thorns. Then the Realm used Thorns as a catspaw against the River Provinces and the stronghold of Lookshy. Thousands were pressed into the military and their forces were bolstered by three legions of the Empress's Troops as well as House troops from the Cathak family of Dragon Blooded. The war was a disaster. The River Provinces outmaneuvered the Realm and Thorns paid the price. Cathak Legions were wiped out and the Thorns military was reduced to ashes. Opinion turned against the Realm but there was little the people could do about it. It seemed like the worst of times for the citizens of Thorns. The worst, however, was yet to come. The Empress disappeared and the Realm was thrown into chaos. Still Dragon Blooded arrived to garrison the city and collect taxes. Then came the Mask of Winters.

The Mask of Winters, an incredibly powerful force from the Underworld arrived at the gates of Thorns atop a shambling monstrosity, a warmachine crafted from the body of some long extinct giant. With him came a host of the dead. Thousands of Zombies and moliated war ghosts. The Dragon Blooded and the people of Thorns raised their defenses but the battle was short lived. For a time it seemed that the Dragon Blooded would prevail, then a small group of knights, clad in black armor that screamed with the souls of the dead emerged from the Juggernaut. They made short work of the Dragon Blooded defenders.

Cathak Charlene Maximus, the Scarlet Empress's Magistrate and the head of Dragon Blooded forces in the city went out to the Mask of Winters and surrendered the city to him. He let her walk away, and even keep possession of the powerful Manse that she kept in the city. In return she dragged the last of the Dragon Blooded of Thorns, her friend Cynis Primora, out to the Deathlord as a sacrifice. Then the magistrate turned and walked away, abandoning the city.

Now Thorns is ruled by the dead. Ghosts outnumber the living and while the mortals living in the city have nominal rights, they are second class to the Dead that wander the streets, acting out the passions of their previous life. You are one of those living, trying to eke out an existence in a once glorious city, now made into a charnel house governed by ghosts.

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The setting is.... well it's an awful lot like Avatar: The Last Airbender. The Dragon-Blooded aren't an exact analogue to benders but they are close enough and the setting is pretty similar to give you an idea of how characters might work. All starting characters are mortals. No Dragon Blooded, No Ghosts, and definitely not any of the more powerful Exalted.

This is THE thread to post your characters and ask questions about the setting. Game starts tonight or tomorrow. Get out there and make a character!