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Hey you guys. Let's see examples for when you first learnt how to RP.
Wow...I don't think I can remember that far back....Lemme see...

1st RP- CL's ~|~Were-Pokemon~|~. I hadn't had much RPing other than chat rooms on Yahoo. I was accepted, but had to leave to Basic training and AIT in the middle of it....CL wasn't too happy bout my absence...(May 2006)

2nd RP- ShadowUmbreon's Life As A Pokemon. Accepted, and was going pretty good. New PD came along and SU tried to revive it here, but to no avail....(December 2006)

3rd RP- CL's Pokemon Prime. Signed up, but I don't think the RP ever got started....(March 2007)

The rest are just basically me developing styles and such...I'm attracted to mainly Pokemon RPs....especially CLs ^^;