That's right, this is a once in a lifetime chance to win a virtual over the internet honest to Dagon date with yours truly.

But Qoorl what the hell is a virtual date?
Eh, it's one part rping, several parts chat, and plenty of BS throw in for spice. No cybering though, I'm not a cheap date...well I guess if it's completely free over the internet I'm damn cheap, but not tacky.

Okay Qoorl, you're very strange, but how do we win?
Simple! Post in 21 words or more, why you should win. THEN, our panel of selected judges (Meaning who the hell ever wants to pick) will select an OFFICIAL WINNER.

Why would you DO this?
I'm bored... like freakishly bored, combined with a strangely for me down mood. I figure if I do random and amusing (to me) things that it'll pick me up, recharge some of my creativity and just generally put me in a better mood. Worst comes to worst and no one posts here, I upped my post count by ONE. Please, no entries below the age of I dunno, pick something. But enough prattle, get out there and start posting!