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    Post The Great Trainer

    As I travel the world of Pokemon,
    I have learnt that many trainers are mean and cruel,
    Why some trainers are really mean,
    And others kind at heart.

    As I leave my home region of Jhoto, I ride my favorite Pokemon,
    My best and life-long friend Rayquaza,
    We have known each other since I was 7,
    And have been together since.

    They call me The Great Trainer for these reasons alone,
    Number 1 because I own one of every pokemon,
    Second I battle like no other,
    And lastly I am simply the best Pokemon Master ever.

    The Elites are my friends,
    Many opponents battle me,
    But no-one can beat me,
    Gee it's lonely at the top.

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    lol worst thread ever

    your welcome

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    It really helped CecilLovelo out, Pants! Shame on you.
    Originally made by LM:

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    Kill yourself)

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