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Thread: Take Two- My dA Gallery and Requests

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    Default EM's Art and Requests

    My deviantART account

    Check it out, give me some feedback.

    Speaking of, expect to see me put up a Week of Pics Christmas special starting on the 19th. Some of it fanart, some of it not.

    By the way, Rules of Requesting:

    The more you want, the longer it takes. For a quicker result, keep it simple.

    Fanart? Provide link(s) to the character you want.

    I reserve the right to color the image in either pencil or marker, as I see fit. Yes the markers are more pretty but they were also an expensive gift that I want to make last for a while.

    Images will be PG-13 (no nudity, not a lot of blood, etc.)

    Changes can and most likely will be made to the rules at any time I see fit.

    Request Guidelines

    When to PM and when not to PM:

    -For a picture of yourself, feel free to PM me the details if you are uncomfortable posting it publicly.

    -For progress updates, please only PM me once a day. Chances are I'll only check it once anyway.

    -Do not PM me about dA related things. For that, send my dA account a note.

    Total time for images will vary, but it takes me about a day to do the pencil outline and the next day to do ink and color. As I said, that is about what it will take, but the more you want and the more requests I get the longer it will take.

    Request Status:

    Open for business! Am taking 3 requests at a time until after the new year.
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