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Thread: My Journey With My Pokemon [Lyrics]

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    Please do not ask for the tune, its only the lyrics i wrote.

    Im a new Trainer!
    Which Pokemon? Which POKEMON?
    Maybe it's a Bulbasaur? No.
    Is it a Charmander? No!
    Or is it a Squirtle? Yes!

    Lets continue to fight Together!
    I believe you, Squirtle, lets start battling and get symbols for the Battle Frontier!
    What? Squirtle IS EVOLVING?! Anyway, with my Wartortle, it's a YES to battle with other trainer!

    When our turns come, we'll fight well!
    No failure! It's a NO to failure!
    We will win! Lets continue with our Journey!

    My Journey with my Pokemon will last long!
    No matter what, we will fight our fear!
    A Blastoise?! I guess, it's okay.
    Let's fight in the Pokemon League and win victory!

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    I just can't imagine that on TV.
    I mean imagine Ash.....
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