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    Default Monster MASSACRE!

    The date is March 25th, 2009. The city of Boston is empty. Not a single sound is heard. Well, if you ignore the screams of the countless people being massacred. For between the collasped buildings, overturned cars, raging fires, and rotting corpses, zombies feast. They feast on the thousands that foolishly believe they can escape. People running throught the streets, right into the legions of undead waiting to gourge on their innards. Soldiers foolishly believeing they will be heroes by fighting the unstoppable dead. This is taking place on year after the quarantine. Atfer billions of monsters invaded Boston.

    One year ago, the city was peaceful. Flowers bloomed and buildings stood. There were no fires and there was only a few corpses in the street. But that would soon change. As night fell, screams could already be heard. The population dropped from one million people to eight hundred thousands in one hour. Everyone was completely caught off guard as millions of demons, devils, triffids, ghouls, ghosts, werewolves, vampires, youkai, espeically zombies, and some that had no name just appeared in the city and started slaughtering countless people. No one really knew why. One day later, the city was locked off by the Army, so no monsters would destroy any other cities. All hope was lost. The few soldiers deplyed werent enough. Everything was positive they would die.

    Now, in 2009, the Bostonians decided they should start massacring the monsters(apparently they were sick of dying). So, some of the greatest mercenaires the world had ever known were summoned to the city. To destroy the monster menace that had plagued Boston. It would take alot of effort, and alot of hope.


    Ok crappy post apocalyptic prolouge aside, this RP is the first RP that you will ever play in that you are allowed to God Mod. Now, I dont mean your character is the strongest thing in the universe, but they are pretty close to you. Your character will be able to destroy gajillions of zombies with a snap of their finger. Now, this power doesn't have restraints. The way you demolish hordes of monsters must be wicked cool. The way you massacre monsters must extremely cool and descriptive, and your characters must have a reason for being able to demolish everything in their path.

    Swearing is allowed

    No taking control of other peoples characters

    Gore is allowed and I love it so use lots and lots and lots

    Now, form time! *explodes with joy*

    Everyone at first works for M.M.U (Monster massacre unit) but eventually can leave and work with the monsters. I dont care. Im tired.

    Age: over 20
    Speices: Nothing corny like half demon
    Powers: Be very indepth and explain exactly how they are used. Includes weapons
    Looks: Dont pick some lameo anime picture you found on the internet. Do something cool ok senior?
    History: Ten lines (Im mean)
    Personality: Five lines?

    Now join yellow bellies!
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