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    Its modern day in Japan the streets are busy. It’s a watch your step or be stepped on life. No one is paying much attention to anything but themselves. So no one notices when people start disappearing. If they ever are found it’s only there bodies. You hear about it in the news paper then go on with your normal life. One man’s daughter was killed he decided to find out how and why. After looking for a long time her found out all the people who had been killed were girls eleven to eighteen.
    He found out the reason was a breed of monsters known as “Stars” They fall from the sky but are not something you would notice they, look like balls of light ranging from the size of a baseball to the size of a small car. He just found out also that they were only after certain girls the rest they don’t care about. The last thing her found out was that more stars would be coming to kill certain boy same age range.
    The man, whose name was Seth, took it upon himself to gather all the boys and girls. He came to call them Protectors. He trained them to fight and protect themselves. He found out that they were being chased because an oracle on the “Stars” planet said that those girls and boys were different and that they would come and destroy there planet and race after they won the war. The “Stars” had decided to start a war with the humans to take their planet before they knew that the Protectors had banded together.
    Seth died of a heart attack a week after finding that out but one of the girls he had gathered took charge. She was very smart her name was Ally. She read from and ancient book that they all had some form of mystic power, some it way be strength, maybe magic for some, unexplainable fighting skills the options were endless, but their powers they had to find themselves. She also found out that guns and modern day weapons didn’t work on these “Stars”
    They got many new types of weapons such as swords, bow and arrows, maces, staffs and many more. “This isn’t a game, many of us are going to die you may think its not your problem but it is. We are the only ones strong enough to handle this, so you have to fight like it’s the end of the world, ‘cause if we lose it might be.” Said Akari, a girl who was more willing to fight that many others.
    Ally was killed when she was hunting alone for the “Stars”. The teens were distraught and together they decided that they wouldn’t have a leader. They later found out that "Stars" could look very difrent.

    “Live together, die together, fight together.”

    This RP is about the war and your life living (for now) in a mansion, training and trying to survive. I hope we get to the war before the RPing dies but I still don’t want anyone jumping ahead. Follow normal RP rules gore is allowed (It’s a war RP!) so is romance be realistic please.
    One paragraph every post, a paragraph is 4-6 sentences.

    Thank you very much for paying attention now time for the fun stuff.


    Age: 11-18
    Weapons: I am open to anything I will tell you if it’s not okay.
    Abilities: Magic, special skills, etc. Don’t go overboard.
    Personality: Please don’t skimp on personality and history. I will ask for them to be longer if they are to short.
    Pet: No magical
    Other: Anthing else?

    My profile:

    Name: Akari Leffa (Kari)
    Age: 12
    Gender: Female
    Weapons: A double sided spear. The wood it plain but is painted black. the blade on the ends are curving oposit directions.
    Apearance: She wears the same color pants.
    Abilities: She is very swift and strong. She is beter at the spear then she normaly would have been for a beginer but she still has a long way to go.
    History: She was born on a farm and stayed there until her parents sent her to school. There she joind sports and quickly found out about her power. Her school was alway pushing her to do more just so they could say they had the strongest student. That proved to her the most emportent thing in life. No matter what you do its never enough.

    She was walking home from school one day when a "Star" Atacked her it broke her arm and leg(witch are now healed) but she ended up killing it. She quit school(AKA became home schooled) and stayed at home. A "Star" came and cought her house on fire killing her mother. So she left her dad and little brother afraid they would get hurt to and went to Seths house.
    Personality: She never let anyone walk all over her. She doesnt pitty people or feal sorry for them. She knows she had a good chance of dieing but thats not going to stop her.
    Pet: A wolf named Kalo wich she had had since he was a pup.
    Other: Its a war and she is ready to fight.

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    I'll join again.

    Name: Silvia Kirituva
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Weapons: A katana with designs of animals etched into it. Somehow she created it, and it just feels right in her hands when most other stuff doesn't.

    Abilities: Her abilities are based around animals. She can heal only animals, transform into any animal she wishes, as well as speak to the animals. She is still trying to master these new abilities.

    History: Her dad lives in America on a farm while her mom lives in Japan. For about ten of her years, she lived with her father. He was nothing special, and she did love him dearly, but she still wishes her mom would come back and all three of them become a nice happy family. In those ten years, she was really close to her dad, until when she grew older, and learned she could understand animals by accident, she started turning to them instead. (This is one of her skills she is better at than the other two.)

    Then on her tenth birthday, a "Stars" came crashing into the house, but she was not inside the house at the time, but was instead was with one of her pets. She heard a horrible scream first, and knew it was her dad. Picking up a stick that she use to pretend was a sword, she raced inside the house to find it in total disarray. She found the "Stars" standing over her dead dad. Somehow, she used her abilities, and transformed her stick into the katana, that she never goes anywhere with how. Clumsy, but some how the Katana felt natural to her, and she defeated the "Stars" but mostly with luck.

    Now that her father was dead, she was flown to her mother in Japan. For the next eight years of her life, she became use to the life of Japan. Then one day, as she was walking the streets, and entered an alleyway, another "Stars" took it upon itself to attack her. Since she goes no where without her sword, she gets a lot of stares when she is walking down the street, but she pulls it out and returns the attack. She was losing the battle, when an overly large Siamese cat decides to jump into the fray. It startled the "Stars" saving her, but in the process, the cat was hurt. Angry now, her ability builds up, and she changes into a tiger, and using the tiger's strength she gains, she slays the "Stars". Unused to being in an animal form, she loses the hold on her shape and returns to normal. Ignoring the dead "Stars", she runs over to the cat, and knows she cannot heal it. A tear falls down onto the cat, and she learns about her third ability, healing animals. Unknown at the time to her, she was spotted by a Seth and one of his protectors he brought out to hunt the same "Stars" I had defeated. He walks up to her asked her to join as well as explaining what they were, and she accepted wanting to learn and become better with all her skills. Now goes nowhere without the cat or the Katana, and is signed up to be a Protector.

    Personality: She can be shy, or very talkative. Some of her animal ability has changed her behavior into, at times, acting a little bit animalistic. An example would be like stretching like a cat when she wakes up, or producing a growl when she is angry. She likes to observe things, and even though she gets A's and B's in her schoolwork, she gives training her all, and can be very determined. Sometimes she is solitary, while other times she just enjoys hanging out with people in a group. Except for the "Stars" and a few other things, she rarely gets angry.

    Pet: Siamese cat named
    Other: She acts more cat like than any other animal.

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    OOC: I joined this Rp when I was on the old PD. Here's my profile anyways

    Name: Dannik Jerriko
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Weapons: Broadswords, razor disks and assasin's knives
    Abilities: A skilled ninja, he is able to predict a foes movement based on the first attack he makes, extremely good skills at seducing
    Personality: A tactical genius, Jerriko has the knowledge of thousands of battles, and , Manipulative; Jerriko has people because how he was able to manipulate someone into giving him broadswords, and Jerriko is very cold and will rarely forgive someone. This could be because he was ignored by many people in his youth and was betrayed by those he thought he could trust
    History: Dannik's mother died in childbirth, and nobody ever knows what happened to his father, but he dissappeared. Because of this, he was sent to an orpahnage, and he wanted to make a lot of freinds, and that usually ended up backfiring when they took advantage of him. This happened so many times, he learned how to do it himself and became more skilled at it than anyone else, and he managed to manipulate others into things he could have done himself, including gaining access the sections of the library that were for certain people only and also managed to manipulate someone into making him a set of broadswords. Eventually, he was discovered, and was ejected from the orphanage, but not before gaining a vast knowledge of battles from the library, as well as skills of being a ninja. It is very lucky he did so. for shortly after that the stars killed nearly everyone in the orphanage, over the course of a period of time. He too was also attacked by a star, but instead of killing him, he killed it, and it gave him a seemingly infinite supply of venom. It is colorless, odorless, and tasteless, and once it kills a victim, it melts away, leaving no trace. He was eventually joined into the protectors, and he is still honing his skills
    Pet: A black panther named DarkShadow that he saved from the star that attacked him
    Other: is often also called, "The Shadowed One" because nobody alive knows about his past

    Is that good?

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