500 damage melee and 700+ chain lightning with at least 30k life are you fucking kidding me? Not to mention it's armor, physical hits do 50% or less damage.

John tried to solo it and died once.

Me and John tried to partner it and died 3 times.

Me Sean and John grouped up on it and died 5 times before actually killing it.

We got a "striderhide cloak of the gorilla" item, with 20 something to str and int stats. That can't cover our collective repair costs.

Fun fact guys, it's still the same character as we saw back on december 21st in the old thread i tried to make a weird story from. 60 levels in 6 weeks what have you been doing with your pointless lives in that time frame? up to lv 64 now and not stopping.

Oh how far we came since then...