Happy New Year everyone (although this is a bit late)! I hope everyone has had a wonderful 2007. Pokemon Dream sure has -- it has grown tremendously during this amazing year.

In 2007, Pokemon Dream got a new layout; the underlying code was completely rebuilt from scratch and it gave the website a whole new face. In an attempt to archive all the past designs we've had, I added a Banner Collection album to the Pokemon Museum. It's certainly not a complete collection, but I'll keep searching for these long forgotten banners.

Also in 2007, Pokemon Dream got a Pokemon Diamond/Pearl Walkthrough, a fine addition to the many fine walkthroughs we have. It is STILL the best on the net, filled with detailed directions, screenshots, and even music directly from the game!

And, finally, Pokemon Dream got a wonderful new PokeDex, which we all know and love as the PokeRep! After only a few months, it has become the most popular section on the site, with nearly 20 visitors browsing through the PokeRep entries on average at any given moment.

Wow. 2007 was awesome. I had a lot of fun incorporating all these new sections into Pokemon Dream, and I believe all you visitors out there enjoyed those sections as much as I did making them. 2008 is barely one day old, but I can already see great things that are soon to happen. I wish everyone a fantastic 2008, and all the best to Pokemon Dream!