I was saving this for february 16th but why not do it now?

I'm out guys, this shit is too far gone for me to even try and salvage. I'll start by opening old wounds. This hits everyone eventually so you can ctrl+f and find your name if you don't care about someone that isn't yourself.

Dogar, it took you 4 weeks to prove me right in every aspect. I said you shouldn't be an admin and all the reasons i said why were proven in that little scuffle, so thank you.

First off, banning Nanaki was the stupidest shit i've seen in some time. Not because i love nanaki (i don't anymore) but because the rule itself. Dogar made a nice little rule in the mod section he never publicized saying "don't use my real name". Ok, Dogar, and forumites, common sense was totally missed here. Dogar wouldn't need that retarded rule if he LEARNED TO SHUT HIS FUCKING MOUTH. Plus she can't do anything to you anyway, this was totally stupid.

@Forumites involved in that-

~God: Stop defending him. Don't say it's a joke and lay your neck on the line for someone being stupid. You did this for Eve too. Nothing against Eve, just saying that's a nasty habit. Stick up for too many people and it becomes expected, take it from me.

~Xion: You failed me big time. Resolving past grudges is cool but you abandoned that sense of logic that really made you special. You called the Dogar attackers vultures. Vultures are only 4 people. Me, squid, walrus and nanaki. Nanaki got banned for said stupid loop hole, walrus got written off as not knowing what she was talking about (even though she was saying the same stuff i was so i must not know either, dont be double standard idiots and ignore people selectively). I don't see any vultures. I see you playing Judas though.

~kg and whoever else said this: "Dogar is getting the exact reaction he wanted by saying this". That's retarded. He's not some social puppet master stabbing the subconcious with hidden messages. He says ur gay and posts penis's. There's no real hidden meaning to it.

No beef with kg, but that statement was rather something that deserves a negative word.

After that:

~Nanaki: I'm cutting you loose. I try and toughen you up and stick up for you but it isn't paying off. Not worth my time.

~Forumites again: I was having a discussion with dogar after all that, and he kept saying "don't power play this, buy me out if you don't like it". Folks i told you that FROM THE START. I would have paid for the forum myself to stop this bullshit from happening, but nope no one listened to adam, so i'm not going to save you now. People admin me to be a voice of reason and my voice still gets covered up. If i remembered enough of high school government i'd be able to think of an exact phrase or example of what this bullshit is, but i can't. I'm not going to try and fix something i tried to prevent for months beforehand. Not my fault at all.You have dogar the loose cannon retard, who when someone proves him wrong he totally ignores it. In same aim convo, he said he sent nanaki S-E-V-E-R-A-L warnings via PM and aim. Nanaki got 1 PM warning, now granted it was his retardation that still got him banned (in spite of even more retarded rule) dogar was wrong. I called him on it, he acted like he didn't know i was talking about.

~God: Again notice how i don't drill anything in your face.

Other shit-

~KS: I swear you are such a bitch. All you do is condescend and act better than everyone, while posting those annoying "^.^" faces. If it's a guy you talk shit, if it's a girl you flirt. You once talked shit to me for saying something about mex, then you REPEATED WHAT I SAID. That is stunning retardation. You talk about jail and partying like it's a badge of honor. You model because you're a fucking puppet. You stand there while people manipulate you for money, and somehow think that your self proclaimed good looks, average intellect and subpar debating skills make you top shit. I could put you out of a job on all of those, so pray i don't move to atlanta or whatever southern bullshit lynching town you live in. Plus you have this annoying habit i'm going to pick up where you talk shit to someone then leave for 2 weeks and not respond. If i was a woman you would be sending me wink faces and asking for make up sex after saying this.

Btw your girl is HURT. She fell out of the ugly tree and hit all the branches on the way down. Hopefully you and your little peepee won't spawn offspring.

KS i have a question. Was this worth the $10 you got paid?

~Walrus: i'm not one of them but a lot of people don't like you because you apparently kiss my ass and not stand up to the big guns. You'll crush anyone you think is lower, but treat someone like me with respect. I don't really care but it leads to people not on the receiving end of potential ass kissing to disregard what you say.

~Anime convention: I don't know if God told you, but a lot of people are being invited to the anime convention. Also, a lot of them won't be able to go. In an msn convo xion and dsx were asking if i'd go and Tim totally shot it down saying it's "tradition" when it changes every year. Eve goes because she is dogar's rebound girl, mex goes because she's cool. DSX, walrus, and myself wouldn't have been able to go anyway so don't cry yourself to sleep over it. It's the rules.

~Depression claimers: TA is the only one i'd even let get by with depression. The rest of you are mostly white, rich, and well serviced. Knuckle up kids. School sucks? Deal with it. Either cuss someone out, crack a skull, LEAVE, or learn that 95% of your classmates are going to fail in life. Don't be one of them. Realize your life is pretty nice and take advantage of it. You're never trapped. If you think you are, you suck. You can be stuck in a situation for a few years but you can work out of it if you try. I know what i'm talking about because i did the same shit back in the day and i'm admitting it before KS thinks he's a smart guy and says it. Just wait guys, one day when you're between 17 and 20 you'll wake up refreshed and notice things don't suck nearly as bad as you once thought.

Your problems are only as big as you make them.

~Luna: You are just stupid street pussy. Dogar would just fuck you and leave, i don't really know if you actually see that. He talks a big game anyway, when push comes to shove he'd fold instead of putting all the chips in. Seems to be a teen trend. Eve don't wait around for him either. You say you aren't but it's apparent to everyone that you do.

~Mario: I like you but grow a scrotum and fill it with a couple testicles. People that know what i'm referring to know why i say it. Fish in the sea, that's the advice i have for you.

~Chrizz: Flip flopping child. Went from street thug to pseudo otaku, meanwhile liking everything that is popular by opinion in the process.

~Hicky: Man up. When i say that don't just drink beer and talk about boobs because that isn't manly enough. No one gives a fuck if you're sad in this world.

After thinking it over i realized how retarded it was. This is a fucking forum you guys aren't even real, but because you are so bored you'll actually put stock into what i'm saying. A lot of you will also challenge what i say with lots of retarded reasons you should know i'm smart enough to destroy by now. I don't do this because "people disagree with me". I do this because if you carry this kind of behavior into the real world you won't get far. Someday you'll be good enough to tackle the throne but until then i'll continue to read and hear arguments from all over the world and as i see all the openings and crush people like i already do. It's just too easy for me. The reason i don't continue to do so here is because there's a fine line. When people can acknowledge what you're saying and learn something from it is what i try for. What i get most of the time is people too stupid or prideful to admit being wrong, so they don't even bother.

Tim once said a debate is something where someone establishes superiority over another. I disagree. I see it as something that everyone involved learns something they didn't know before. Facts or perspective, it doesn't matter. It's all about getting wiser.

Ever notice i've been involved in almost every drama since i came here?

People that dodged the bullet:

dsx, walrus, mex, peeki, other people like peeki on the semi active roster, and tim. Even if he gets named several times he's pretty solid. kg too. pikatwo went from crap to awesome. he's what KS tries to be.

In other words, there's a lot of stupidity that is just staggering here. I can't handle it anymore, you guys are on your own.

If you think this is all because of dogar then slice your throats open, because that's only a minor part of the overall issue that no one ever seems to get.

Later gators.