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I can see a lot of your points, Adam, but I don't see the logic in telling me not to be bothered by online people when you let people bother you. Do as I say, not as I do?
I'm pissed i let them bother me so i left. They don't bother me anymore i assure you. As soon as i decided to turn it around, i am telling you to do as i do as well as as i say.


This really confuses me. You tell Xion that you're not better than anyone else, just like he said, and then you turn around and give points as to how you are? Either say it one way or another.
Where did i say i wasn't better than him?

I don't hold any beef against you, so don't take this as an attack. I'm just pointing these things out solely in goodwill. By the way, I'm not ignoring the other points of your posts. I have read them, and the points I've outlined are the ones I want to address the most. I'm not ignoring them.
Oh man that last bit was funny. At least i have people covering their asses now. Good though, you need to stand up to people like me more.

Your just trying to get a reason to get mad at my fullmetal.
Keep thinking that Luna.

No, he probably is, but feels the need to flaunt his gigantic ego.
How quickly they turn! Ask anyone that really knows, i'm far from having a decent ego.

Fullmetal, since it seems you're leaving for good, may I add you to my buddy list?
I'm surprised you hadn't already.

Is he still being a fag or will he be coming back. Oh, and I love how he has shit to say about me when he knew I would have no chance to read it. He demoted himself to bitchhood by running away and saying all this. If he ever does come back, He's gonna have to do something damn good to get any of my respect back
Whatever. I made it clear many many times that i'm pulling a "-KS". Learn some history if you don't know what that is. Yea actually i DID do it when you could read it. You were posting that same day so i thought your interweb was back. Besides you have to take a swing at everyone when this happens.