Girl Scout Commonwealth Council is selling our (the girl scouts) beloved Camp Kittamaqund. After going to a service unit meeting tonight, I realized just how terrible the Board that voted on this is. Allow me to rant.

Camp Kittamaqund is a camp near DC with a selling value of over one million dollars. You may think "Well, that's good isn't it? You can buy a new camp or something." But no. Not only did the Board decide to sell the camp no matter how much the protest from leaders, scouts, councellors, etc. (everyone but the Board wants to keep Kitty) but they alone will decide what to do with the money. We are getting screwed. Our favorite camp is going to be turned into some kind of waterfront getaway, or a developement or something, and we don't have a say in what to do with the money. The Board has said "We'll let you know what we decide to do with the money from Camp Kitty."

At the meeting, a woman stood up and said that she is a part of a group trying to save Kitty (there are two large groups). She said they've tried everything they can, like sending letters, there was a group that picketted Council (made the news) and at a point donations were being taken to support the camp. At any rate, Council ignored it and is in the process of selling the camp. I find it astonishing that Council has taken the voices and hushed them. It doesn't seem fair that 30 people decide the fate of a camp that hundreds love and want to save. Bringing up another point. Hundreds love the camp, yet a woman from the Board stood up at the meeting and said "That's ironic, not what you were saying, but about the camp. We've been saying for years that if you want to keep something you have to support it." I almost stood up and said something I would later regret. Thank goodness I didn't, but I'm rather pissed. [/Rant]