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Thread: age of Brock?

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    Default age of Brock?

    This is troubling me deeply. Brock's age in the show is never mentioned, at least not in the first two seasons (the day Tracey entered the show is when the show began sucking phenomenally). If he's around the age of Ash, then he's a little nympho who needs mental help for being so sexually precocious at such a young age. If he's, say, 16 and up, then he's still in need of help. After all, if he's older, then the only reason he's hanging with a bunch of prepubescent losers like Ash and Misty is because he's a pedo and wants to assfuck Ash.

    Ash will never get any action anyway, so might as well get it from Brock. But the question still remains: what age is the troubled character?

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    Started off about 18 or so, probably something like 23 now.
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    If Ash is still 10, Brock is probably 13. He's a slave of his hormones and desires older, white women.

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