This odd question suddenly popped into my head while I was sleeping. How do Pokemon do it. How do they have sex?

You but them in a daycare and you come back to find a *gasp* egg. But how do they reproduce? Do they communicate? Is there anal penetration? I don't see any sign of penises on the male Pokemon. The only proof of attraction are the moves attract and charm.

These moves bring up another question: Do Pokemon have sexual pleasure? Do they do it only through instinct? They do seem to be attracted to each other (In my Pokemon Yellow game, when you enter the Pokemon fan club, your Pikachu gets a crush gets a crush on the Chansey).

On an irrelevant note: When vampires drink the blood of a drunk ,do they get drunk too?

You may hate me for posting a topic here on Pokemon, but you are the only guys with enough maturity to answer this question with some formality.