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No one. God was the first and only thing before he created The heavens, universe and earth.
No human described 'God' created the universe, especially if we're talking about the Christian God since his attributes and qualities are most widely known and contradictory. If God is all-knowing and all-powerful and has an infinite existence, why did he decide to create the universe only 13.5 billion years ago? It should have always existed. What held him back? If something held him back, he's limiting his omnipotence. If he's existed for eternity and is all-knowing, he's known for eternity that he was going to create the universe, so therefore the universe should have existed for all eternity aswell, but this is illogical because it would mean he couldn't have created it. It would have always been there. So either God hasn't existed for eternity, both God and the universe have an infinite existence and both weren't created or God doesn't exist and the universe is finite and was created by itself.

He created them. That's just it. God is the most powerful thing ever.
Created them for what purpose? God would have no reason or need to create anything.

God gave us knowledge and blood. Try reading Genesis the first book of the Bible.
'God' never gave anyone knowledge. Our knowledge has been obtained through experimentation and observation.