Imagine if you will, a world of complete beauty, free of all terror, free of corruption, a world without a care. In 2058, there is no such thing. For an evil warlord known as Drigus has come to Earth, and has decided that it will be his to conquer, and that nobody will stand in his way. He is wrong on both counts, for in scattered parts of the world, 5 young people reside, and they don't know it now, but they are all that stands in the way of Earth, and what could be its total destruction. They are summoned by an ancient warrior known as Lucario, who will show them how to use the power of Aura, and transform into a group of heroes, who will stop this evil. Drigus is assisted by Bloodstorm, a terror to all that stand in his way, and has access to Zeinites, mindless soldiers, warriors who exist only for their master.

Though it may now seem hopeless, Drigus will have his hands full. For once the 5 learn of their powers and the unique gifts that they have, they will become Power Rangers Aura Force, the next line in Earth's defence. Guided by the mystical power of Aura, and the force of Lucario, they will give Drigus a fight that he'll soon not forget. But, their quest will involve many smaller quests for ancient items that were used by the original Power Rangers of times past. Ever since the Mystic Force Rangers defeated the Master, they were asked to give up their powers, as were the Power Rangers before them. As a result, the remaining gear, and the technology that was developed but never used, was scattered to the ends of the Earth. It is said that if one item from each past generation is gathered, then a miracle will happen.

Aura Wolf

Name: Sean Lehanan
Ranger Designation: Red Aura Force Ranger
Gear: Palm-Implanted Aura Morpher
Zords: Red Aura Zord

Name: Lucario
Ranger Designation: Aura Wolf Ranger
Gear: Palm-Implanted Aura Morpher
Zords: Aura Wolf Zord

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