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Thread: Pokerap 4 Ash (poketry)

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    cool Pokerap 4 Ash (poketry)

    Hey you hey yo come on lets go
    to the region we all know as Johto
    I got my friends beside me
    I want for you to see
    that I'm gonna be a master
    no trainer could be faster

    My name is Ash... Ash Ketchum
    I swear I'm gonna catch em all... you betcha
    Ain't got no worries I'm on my way
    I won't let nobody say
    that I'm a loser and I won't win
    cuz' this battle is just about to begin!

    hey pokeball pokeball... let's go!
    I'm a master and you all know
    it may take a while and it'll be hard
    this trainer is anything but a retard
    I will catch em all thats right
    i will win every fight
    Pikachu thunderbolt!
    this battle's gonna jolt!
    pokeball lets go!

    (vs 2)
    Hoothoot gastly riolu
    pikachu piplup and mewtwo
    this worlds full of em grab a pokeball
    get out there and catch em all!
    i know you know that we all know
    my skill at battles gonna show!

    I'm a funky junky poke lovin kinda guy
    i'm all around nice but in battle i can make you cry
    i got the skills, got the stuff
    i can do it even if its tough
    brock dawn nurse joy don't forget ash
    get ready for the pokemon battle bash!


    can you hear me if you can then repeat
    in battle i've totally got you beat
    pokeball lets go (repeat)
    pokemon johto (repeat)
    we're gonna rock your socks
    so get ready to battle when i knock
    cuz' this guy's a hero
    ain't no zero

    i will catch em' all thats right
    i will win every fight
    pikachu thunderbolt!
    this battles gonna get a jolt!
    pokeball lets go!

    Pokemon Johto
    Pikachu Ash Pokemon come on!
    Ash is AWESOME!!!!!:-*

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    sad rating

    hey could someone tell me what they think of my song i am new to this site and i want some buddies. So someone pleez tell me if they want to be my riend or if my song rocks or sucks because it took mme a very long time to write it.
    Ash is AWESOME!!!!!:-*

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