hi! i have been an abbid pokemon fan since the first game came out, and have had very few complaints for any game. i just recently bought pokemon diamond, and i am kinda stuck. now before someone responds, i would just like to say i do know what im doing. so please dont put stupid comments down.

Situation: saved after beating the Psychic guy of elite four, need to fight cynthia

pokemon w/ lvls
infernape, lvl 47 moves: mach punch; close combat, fireblast, cut
gyrados, lvl 49 moves: waterfall, surf, ice fang, hyper beam
murkrow, lvl 47 moves: fly, wing attack, defog, sucker punch
graveler, lvl 47 moves: rollout, earthquake, rock smash, rock climb
luxray, lvl 48 moves: lightning fang, spark, crunch, strength
kadabra, lvl 47 moves: psychic, psybeam, psycho cut, flash

problems: no healing items other than berries (ik i used them up! i had like 30 to start with.) 8 revives, 2 full revives, more than enought ether/elixers
all most all available tms other than the ones you have to buy. (only x1)
8 rare candies
items to improve the power of almost every type (no dragon) and all the obscure ones such as full incesnce, and lead? ball.

what ive already attempted doing, and probably will do to begin with
teach flamethrower to infernape in place of flame wheel
teach thunderbolt to luxray in place of spark
teach ice beam to gayrdos in place of ice beam
teach grass knot to Kadabra in place of grass roots
lvl up graveler to 49 (x2 rare candies) and teach stone edge in place of rollout

what i know i can do:
i put infernape in first, will finish off spiritomb, then she sends gastrodoon, send kadabra (grass knot), afterwards, sends gible thingy (i can beat with gayridos), then usually send lucario. that is where i get my butt handed to me. if i could get past him, i could easily take milotec, and the bronzer guy i can take, roserade is a prob, but i can take with either gayrdos or infernape usually, its just the dang lucario!

thats essentailly what this is about. i need a way to take out lucario without losing all my pokemon, and/or all my revives. the main problem is he is faster than all my poke mon and im not wasting precious phases using crap like scary face (which luxray can learn at 49, fyi). anyways if you can help it would be very benifitical.