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    Midnight's Star

    it is year 3000, and the human race has progressed much, thanks to a new lab called Denovian Labs. Animals can talk and do chores, and there are automated appliances and robots. But the newest thing now is Genetic Engineering, they are taking samples of DNA and making humans, or at least human-like things called Korfais. But in the Denovian headquarters, evil things are taking place. The director has decided to use the Korfais to work for him as slaves, but he had given them personalitys. After they rebelled, he had them destroyed. After that, he made one more, Kisa. She was weak and harmless, and he kept her chained up in a dark lab, where he had his own fun with the poor girl. She had all kinds of tubes stuck into her, she looked like a perfectly normal human girl, exept for her ears. she had two white ears that stuck out of the sides of her head. Kisa was ubject to all kinds of humiliation and torture coming from the director, until he brought his 16-year old son to see her. He fell in love after getting to know her, an snuck into his faters lab to see her every day. finally, she tld him about how his father had tourtured her. He told kisa that he would free her, and did. But wenshe tried to walk, she couldn't. She couldn't do anything by herself, but he told her that he woud teach her when they ecscaped. they managed to ecsape, and are now living in the small town of Midightstorm, with country and a small coast. there are only about 500 people, and Kisa and the Directors son have been living peacefully in midnightstorm, until they heard about the searches, and the new genetic engeneerings.

    The basic crap and stuff, yeah.

    Make a decent one, okay? i'm not making a stupid form, find a level to rp at, make me a bio, if i don't like it, too bad for you. You can make a human hunting for kisa or a citizen of Midnightstorm.

    I need a voulenteer to play the directors son. a good rper, please.

    My Bio

    Name: Kisa
    Age: 16
    Looks: with white ears.
    Personality:you'll see
    History: look up, she's the korfai.

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    OOC: look's pretty cool, I'll join

    Name: Dannik Jerriko
    Age: 21
    Gender: Male
    personality: Isoalted from others, a tactical genius, manipulative of others
    History: Jerriko is a mysterious being. Many say he is a demon, for he seemingly appeared from nowhere, with no account to his past, or hometown. Jerriko has kept the knowledge to himself all these years, and often considers himself a neutral person, someone who "looks out for three people: me, myself, and I." from what he once said. He is hunting Kisa, but he is also using this as an opprotunity to gain something from this, so he may shift sides if the opprutinity presents itself. His weapons of choice are broadswords, and assasisn's knives and razor disks. His projectiles are stained with a mysterious venom that is colorless, odorless, and tasteless

    Is that good?

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    yeah, sure.

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    will solly, kiki, CL and kelsh join too?

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    =ooc= Maybe not =/ I'm still having trouble with non-Pokemon RPs, sorry x/

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    okay, that's fine.

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