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    This musical thread's dedicated to my all-time favorite southern gospel group, The Crabb Family. They have been around for at least 15 years, and they are the best in the business!! Here's some images of them......

    That's basically the newest members of their group. A little younger than the originals, but they still carry the same awesome tune that their folks did, and I just wish I could find a good image of the originals. Moving on, they've written songs like Champion Of Love, performed great songs such as Redeemer, and much much more!!! They are only THE BEST!!! I've met Gospel Artists, but never The Crabb Family, and I am DYING to meet them!!

    The many artists that I HAVE met however, are The Kingsmen and Micheal Combs. I'm sure I met a few more, but I don't ever recall meeting the Crabbs. Still, when I do, and I pray that I will, I'll be SURE to get pictures of them!

    Here's a few of their songs to give you an idea of their genre.....

    1. "Redeemer"

    2. "Please Forgive Me" *note: I've performed this song at my old church before*

    3. The best of all their songs......."Through The Fire"

    And those are 3 of their greatest hits. Feel free to tell me what you thing.

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    I have crabs.

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