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Thread: Anonymous or Scientology?

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    Default Anonymous or Scientology?

    On the one hand you have what is quite possibly the most annoying internet group ever created, excluding that one christian homeschool debate forum and forums where people write FMA fanfics. On the other hand you have a dangerous cult that stalks all members trying to leave and has killed/lead to the deaths of several.

    Personally, I'm for Anonymous. I'll state my reasons in list form.

    10. Anonymous hasn't actually killed anyone yet. Scientology has.

    9. Scientology is so utterly ludicrous they should only exist to be laughed at. However, I don't wanna be stalked cause I laugh at them.

    8. I don't support tax breaks for any religious institution, Scientology included.

    7. Anonymous gives us cat pictures.

    6. Anonymous attacked 50,000 MySpace accounts. No one that does that can be ALL bad.

    5. Scientologists believe UFOs will come and save us in a DC-10. These people are driving on our streets as I type this. Think about that for a moment.

    4. Anonymous protests for freedom of speech and religious freedom, two things that I think are very cool.

    3. L. Ron Hubbard was a science fiction writer who started a religion. Anyone below Orson Scott Card does not deserve to have a religion of their own.

    2. The protests of Scientology make other religions, Christianity specifically, a little uneasy. Once Anonymous finishes with Scientology there's rumors they will attempt to get rid of all religious tax exemption, and anything that worries Christians that they might not rule the roost is good to me.

    1. Any religion with Tom Cruise in a high seat of power is an abomination.
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