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Thread: So Cynthia's starter was a Riolu?

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    Default So Cynthia's starter was a Riolu?

    So Cynthia's starter was a Riolu? Looking at how some trainers actually take it upon themselves to look like thier first/favorite pokemon, and how the starter on many 'teams' is usually trained the hightest, I can only assume she did indeed start out with a Riolu.

    -The funny clips she wears in her hair=Look just like Lucario's ears (seen from back)
    -Lucario being one of her strongest pokemon (game and/or otherwise)
    -Maybe it's tradition in Celestic town? I don't recall her ever saying she got her pokemon from Rowan.

    You think Riley's from the same town? (the guy who gives you the Riolu egg in D/P)
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    Riolu needs a lot of happy moments to evolve, then he will only evolve at daytime, right?
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