Okay, this isn't a SPAMing thread, it's where we can discuss Eevee.

Will we move onto the topics then?

So what Evolution of Eevee is your favourite?

If Eevee gets an evolution in the next generation, (assuming there will be one) what type do you want it to be?

What evolution of Eevee is my favourite? My favourite evolution would have to be Espeon, it just looks so glorius and magnificant, it has an alright movepool and decent stats. I also love Vaporeon, because it was from the original generation (along with Jolteon and Flareon, but I don't like them, so I'm not going to throw them in) and the amount of hit points it had was amazing. I'm also a fan of the shiny version of Umbreon, it's the best shiny ever created, in my opinion.

What Type do I want the evolution of Eevee to be in the next generation? That's saying there'll be an Eevee evolution introduced, which I doubt. I don't want a new Eevee evolution, as making one or two just aren't going to work out. Hell, Leafeon was bad enough, can you imagine a Ghost-Type Eevee evolution?