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Don't ignore anything Teresa says, she's pro. =P

Nah, my Mewtwo has Solarbeam, and it kicks ASS! I'm trying to get Calm Mind for it, at the moment. Because, Missingo, the only thing that you said that would be useful is Calm Mind. It will seriously pimp out your Mewtwo, and you will deal like 5x the damage, at full EV's.

And My Rayquaza fucking pwnz0rz my Mewtwo! So much faster. Mewtwo isn't made for speed, it's made for Sp. Atk! Can it learn Extremespeed? NO! Can it learn Outrage? NO!

Personally, I like mewtwo equally, but in power and speed...

Rayquaza > Mewtwo.

Rayquaza's max possible speed is 317. mewtwo's is 394. Rayquaza's max special attack is 438. Mewtwo's is 447. Wtf are you talking about? And uh...with a calm mind off, it will deal 1.5 times the damage, and please...Don't say "EV's", because we both know you don't know what you're talking about.

Like I said, I'm willing to prove all of you adorable noobs wrong. Just PM me with your friend code.