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    Default I Will Get You Back One Day

    You took me when I was so alone
    Fed me, taught me, gave me a home
    But now I'm older I see something you never thought I could
    You killed my family, if I could turn back time I would

    I trusted you and fought by your side
    I gave my life to you, be friends till each we died
    Now it's time for my revenge so run far away
    My journey begins this very day

    I'll hunt you down and pay the favour I owe
    No matter how fast or far you can go
    Be afraid, be very afraid when I say you're dead
    Cower and use hiding within your bed

    My fur is blazing with the anger inside, there's so much it's bad for my power
    It's bursting out and hurting me, I can't last the hour
    I close my eyes and suddenly
    I can clearly see
    That you killed my family for hatred and a feel for muder, cold

    I may not be strong, tall, fast or able to swim but I have a special skill
    Not running or talking, swimming or writting, but to kill
    I've put it aside all this time and intend to use it so on you
    Track you to the ends of time, learning something new

    I will get you back one day and that's my solid word
    Forget everything you know and listen to what you've heard
    Night aids me and the sun leads me
    For my family, I'll be all I can be
    To take from you what you took from me.
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