I spent my lunch period on this, rather than eating so please don't diss it, help it, further it that kind of crap, and no stupiddity please. This has been on my mind for a while and I've been wanting to share it. Raconduct, Shocoon, and any others I come up with are mine, not yours, not nintendo's, even if they seem a lot like the original pokemon nintendo came up with.

Rules on Orreian Spice, and the Pokémon from Orre

Orreian Spice is a special spice that can only be utilized in the Orreian desert. This spice can only work on a pokémon that had been born in the sand of the desert. This spice allows pokémon to be able to use 6 attacks instead of four. Pokémon can go up to level 200, with a max HP stat of 1000 (Blissey is the only pokémon that comes close.) and max stats up to 650(Mewtwo’s speed gets close). Though stats move slower, like levels, after 100. All pokémon can be affected, though rare, the more likely pokémon to be affected are the wild pokémon that come from the desert, namely the Sandshrew and other ground type pokémon.

The Orreian desert contains special species of pokémon that are native only to it. These pokémon are always powered by the spice, and are generally similar to other pokémon, such as the Raconduct appearing like a gold and silver Zigzagoon with lightning rods sticking up from its forehead and the end of its tail. Of the more common seen from Orre, the first evolution takes place at level twenty, where they resemble the next stage of what they may have previously resembled, but not as close. This is shown how a Shocoon still resembles a Linoone, with the colour differences and lightning rods, but also now that it fights in a more ninjistic manner on its hind legs, and has much more developed claws. The final stage for most is obtain wildly by two of that species trading a corresponding stone, and through trainers by trading the pokémon with the stone. These final evolutions are very distant from the relative species and are very powerful, generally being of equal rank of that of a starter pokémon. Orreian pokémon are very wary of humans and tend to leave them be, unless they threaten the pokémon. They also may venture out ward and may be encountered in the wild of many other regions, even Fiore.