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    i finally beat the league but now i cant continue playing it just restarts to a brand new game after the credits instead of going back 2 oaks lab!
    is it because its an emulator rom?
    sooooo frustrating coz i put so much effort into it and now feel like i've wasted all my time

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    it probably just started again somehow so you just turn it off without saving in the new game. it might go back to your old one
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    No. Legendtaker, you know nothing.

    The reason that you can't carry on with a Rom is because of a simple fact. You are unable to save using the in-game save system. When the game ends, it saves your game automatically and then you load it from the screen. Without the ability to load the in-game data, you can't go past the Elite Four.

    Sucks for you to have a problem with illegal stuff, doesn't it?

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