I have an old Pokemon Ruby and it seems like the save is sometimes working. I play the game on my DS lite and Game Cube with GBA adapter.

I have read that replacing the battery is a somewhat messy situation and might not always work. It also requires a special screwdriver to open the little critter up. This is compounded by my lack of extreme manual dexterity due to a stroke (I'm a senior citizen). Yea smoking cigarettes for 40 years did me in!!! Now cause of all the non-alcohol compatible meds I take the martini is out :-( !!!

Lately I've read about an item called a GBA Super Memory Stick 4M/8M which is usable on the GBA SP I have but rarely use because it seems to have a less than acceptable display.

Does anyone know if this little gadget will work on an DS Lite? I need to see about getting my SP fixed (no time, etc) and getting a new one like on Amazon costs more than it originally costs retail.

What are my options on this situation? I welcome any and all comers!!!