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Thread: GBA Pokemon Ruby - Dying Battery

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    Default GBA Pokemon Ruby - Dying Battery

    I have an old Pokemon Ruby and it seems like the save is sometimes working. I play the game on my DS lite and Game Cube with GBA adapter.

    I have read that replacing the battery is a somewhat messy situation and might not always work. It also requires a special screwdriver to open the little critter up. This is compounded by my lack of extreme manual dexterity due to a stroke (I'm a senior citizen). Yea smoking cigarettes for 40 years did me in!!! Now cause of all the non-alcohol compatible meds I take the martini is out :-( !!!

    Lately I've read about an item called a GBA Super Memory Stick 4M/8M which is usable on the GBA SP I have but rarely use because it seems to have a less than acceptable display.

    Does anyone know if this little gadget will work on an DS Lite? I need to see about getting my SP fixed (no time, etc) and getting a new one like on Amazon costs more than it originally costs retail.

    What are my options on this situation? I welcome any and all comers!!!

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    First off, have you been to PD before? I seem to recognise you...
    I like the name. The Spirit of Aten...
    The Super Memory Stick does not work on DS Lite, or even the DS.
    I'm not quite sure of the purpose of this memory stick, seeing as you can save onto the game itself... Unless one wishes to transfer data from one cartridge to another...
    Regardless, it only works for GBA, GBA-SP and Gameboy Player for the Gamecube. This is because it uses the charger port found on the GBA and SP, but was removed from the DS. The DS now uses a more efficient charger, but none of the old doohickeys work.
    Hope I've helped, if not, you might need to make what your question is clearer.

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    Default Ruby

    If I understand it correctly the saves in the game are stored onto the game cartridge itself. In my case there are times when the save is totally erased and is not of my doing.

    This little GBA Super Memory Stick 4 or 8M will save games in place of the game cartridge, especially when the cartridge itself won't do game saves. This is my understanding on how it works. I'm just trying to find a workable solution to this. The game was bought used and finding new GBA games in new condition are rare and expensive.

    Akhenaten is also known as Amunhotep-IV this squirrelly looking pharoah who probably suffered from Marfan's syndrome up and decided to change the religion of Egypt from polytheism to monotheism or from the worship of many deities to the worship of only one. It failed miserably and for all intents and purposes he was literally written out of Egyptian history. It was only many years later that monotheism flourished in a little known group of Egyptian slaves known as Israelites. Thus Judaism and monotheism came into its own.

    Please forgive the digression of an old man - if you have any idea what I might do in a situation like this I'd like to know. I could, at considerable expense, find all my GBA Pokemon games in new condition. I'd rather not do this but will if there is no other choice. Right now only Ruby is affected by the save/battery problem.

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