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Thread: Some of my old poems :)

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    Default Some of my old poems :)

    I like to post some of my old works. ^^

    Originally posted by me on Jun 16, 2005

    "Eevee's Family: Dead or Alive?"

    Alone in the darkness,
    Can I ever escape?
    I want to be in the light,
    But, is this my fate?

    The trees suround me,
    As a wood wall,
    That I'm trapped in,
    Can anyone hear my call?

    How did this happen?
    I was in bliss,
    But now I'm alone,
    And there's something amiss.

    Is it my sister, or my brother?
    My mom or my dad?
    If I was with them again,
    Then I'll be glad.

    We were having fun,
    With our tails wagging,
    But we had to run from fire,
    There was no time for lagging.

    The ashes left a floor,
    Of loss and sorrow,
    Who knows what will happen,
    At this time tomorrow.

    Will there be rain?
    Or more fire?
    Will people be honest,
    Or be liers?

    Just like everything else,
    I must wait,
    I hope that they made it,
    And weren't too late.

    Originally posted by me on May 13, 2005

    "Eevee's Desire"

    I don't want to be a pokemon that is fire
    That is not my true and honest desire
    Nor the kind that shoots ice or water
    Because I don't want to be like my father
    I don't want to have lightning
    For I may be frightning
    I don't want to be an Espeon
    Like my dear, nice mom
    Or like the Umbreon monarch
    Who is so black and dark
    I just want to be me
    An Eevee

    I kinda don't like the last one, but oh well.

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    Wow that's depressing also very good I like it
    If we were rating:8/10
    Tamed and ready to fight!

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    I liked the last one, I thought it was cute.

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