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Thread: red rescue team help

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    Default red rescue team help

    i just got pokemon mystery dungeon red rescue team (2 days ago) and i have a couple of questions

    1. how do you evolve?
    i am a pikachu and my partner is torchic. i got my torchic to lvl 16 which is when they evove, but it is still a torchic

    2. how do you recruit legendaries?

    P.S. If the answers to these questions were in the manual, i didn't get one (i got the game from a friend who got bored of it)

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    You evolve after you beat the game (In a secret place), and recruit legendaries then, too.

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    After beating the game you evolve at wishcash's waterfall
    After beating the game you recruit legendaries like most other pokemon, except for Jirachi, Celibi, and Latias

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