My name is Nucky. Well, that's what everyone calls me, even in real life. When I grow up...
a) I'll be supreme ruler of the world.
b) I'll be a leading scientist in the field of genetic engineering.
c) I'll cure cancer
d) I'll become a pirate-cowgirl-astronaut
e) I'll become a dog trainer.

Which brings me to my own dog...
I have a dog named Otissimo and he is half chow chow and half dalmatian. I love him. He is the greatest dog in all the world, his obedience is so wonderful! Otis is black and white and lean and well trained. He knows many tricks. I LOVE HIM!!!

I also like to write creatively! And, if you can guess... YES! I LOVE RPING! Okay, I started in November of 2007. LOL.

I also like to draw. I draw everything that I like to draw. Which makes sense. Why would I draw something that I don't like to draw Dun dun dun! Okay. That's all for now, until I remember something else!

I also like to eat my cake in a bowl with milk on top.
I can eat it for breakfast because it counts as cereal... right?