Wow. Just... Wow. Clearly I have no place in offering an opinion here because I was educated privately in England, but whatever. So, first things first. The language most people can speak is English (Hooray!). The next most spoken language is Chinese (Mandarin, I think), but it's only useful if you intend to go to China. After that comes French. French? How the hell did that happen? ... Moving on.

English lessons have a purpose, which is to tell you two things: 1) if you can write a coherent report/essay, and 2) if you could actually be an author.

Sociology, Psychology, Economics and Law are complicated subjects, hence the reason why we only offer them as A-levels and degrees. Already at GCSE we have to know nine subjects. At A-level, three (four at AS, and it can vary with where you go). This makes it easier to remember the increased information. Oh, and it's damn hard learning Economics without AS Maths, apparently.

World culture doesn't strike me as immediately useful. The only time you'd need it is if you move to another country, but then you just do some reasearch beforehand. And on the subject of world culture, did you know that the Japanese don't accept tips?