I miss my forum friend Pokemon Master and since she erased all her work I am putting one of them back up in the hope she will one day return. This one's for you G.

Oh Charizard you and me have always been one
From the start and since our journey begun
We have an everlasting love
Pure and free like the white dove

I remember the good old days
Even the day that we went our separate ways
You may have left me, that may be true
But no matter what, I can never forget you

You were there when I was all alone
A friend that I could call my own
If I ever needed you, there you would be
Waiting for me

But now alas, you are gone and I have no reason to keep living each night
Ahh, the days we used to fight
As a team, undefeatable
We were unbeatable

I treasure each moment in our past
One day we'll have peace at last
As I lay here on my bed looking out to sea
I hope that wherever you are, that you still remember me

The stars no longer seem so bright
With the coming of the night
At last I lay me down to rest
As a team we always done our best
I have finally found the missing piece
Yet my heartbeat seems to cease

Out there in the yonder blue
Beyond any human view
You are lying there, a faded red
Legends we die...the living dead
Spirits you and I roam the land
Side by side and hand in hand

At last we are together again
Now our friendship can never end
Even after death.

G, I miss you and if you ever read this...please come back.