=>_>= When I debate I appeal to common sense and logic, but when it comes to pulling references they're few and far between. That's because my arguments are rarely on the theory itself but more so on the logic of the theory and how one came to understanding the theory. Well I've been taken out of my safe little box and I'm having my bells rung. Basically he's constantly appealing to authority, which works because I have no authority to counter with and I don't know his sources so I can't claim they're false. He's an arrogant asshole though as he holds himself as an authority and makes personal attacks and is starting to straw man. I'm trying to cut my losses by saying certain points I'm too ignorant on to argue but he keeps throwing them in my face even though I admitted he won those points. I think I can salvage a draw if I keep calling him on his fallacies but still, I can't believe I'm beaten into the defensive by a christian. =._.= I feel so ashamed.

To make up for how utterly boring that paragraph was: