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    cool EV Training

    I was Wondering How many people here actually take the time to EV train? For Those of you who dont know what EV training is its Kind of difficult to explain but ill try to and correct me if im wrong but, Every Pokemon has around 510 EV, Ev stands for Effort Values. Now it works like this You get EV's From Battling any pokemon Certain pokemon Give away Certain EV's

    Example: Your lvl.93 Rayquaza Defeats 4 Pigeots and since Pigeot has 3 Speed points You Gain 3 per win=12 Speed Points then Divide it by 4 =3 that means you gain 3+ Speed when Rayquaza levels up. And Pokemon Can Get up to 127+ in its stats.

    So: 4 Ev = 1+ in the stat they were gained in and you can only gain 127+ total.

    Now there are 2 ways i know of to gain EV's and im going to point this out now Newly hatched pokemon are better off EV training than old pokemon because you might have used up all your Ev's while the new born is full of EV's

    Way 1 to get EV's:
    Vitamins like calcium and iron and the rest of the expensive kind and remember x attack and the cheap vitamins DO NOT WORK. Now with the vitamins you gain 10 Ev with each and you can only feed up to 10 Vitamins per stat so Example:

    Rayquaza is fed 10 calciums whatever stat calcium boosts is now 25+.

    Way 2 Fighting!
    Defeating Pokemon Gets you EV's in the PokeRep is shows how many Ev's a pokemon has at the bottom of the page.

    If you have pokerius You get doubled EV's and if you have Macho Brace on the pokemon You get Doubled Ev's so if you use both you ev's will be like this

    you get 1 attack ev and with pokerius it becomes 2 attack and then with macho brace it becomes 4 so this makes it easier. Any Qustions Pm me or ask on this thread i also know some strategies with Ev's but That would be too much to put on this post. (Is Currently Learning about= IV points)

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    so what happenes if the pokemon evolves? does its ev's restart or what? like for example cyndaquil...i wanna get him mainly special attack and speed, but hows it gonna work? i mean can i give cyndaquil all the ev's i need for quilava? and then evolve once im done with ev's or is that not gonna work out or whats the deal with that
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