Found this terribly interesting article that leads me to question my own strong opinions about spirits:
Neuroscientists investigating a young woman with epilepsy believe they have stumbled on an explanation why some people feel a ghostly presence nearby or develop paranoia or persecution.

The 22-year-old woman was being assessed for brain surgery for epilepsy but was otherwise psychologically healthy.

Part of this evaluation was to pinpoint the area needed for surgery, using thin electrodes implanted into a region of the brain.

Reporting the case in tomorrow's issue of Nature, the weekly British science journal, the doctors said that when they sent a small current to the woman's left temporoparietal junction, she said she had the impression there was somebody behind her.

The person was a "shadow", young and of indeterminate sex and did not speak, she said.

The doctors slightly increased the current and changed the woman's position from lying down to seated, and got her to hug her knees.

She then said she felt the creepy presence of man who was also sitting and who was clasping her unpleasantly in his arms.

The current was slightly increased further and the woman, this time seated, carried out a language test, reading from a card held in her right hand. She reported the presence of a sitting "person," this time displaced behind her to her right, who tried to interfere with the test.

"He wants to take the card... he doesn't want me to read," she said.

The sensation was so real that at no time did the woman realise that it was an illusion generated by her own mind, said the Swiss authors of the case study.

The temporoparietal junction is used for social reasoning - to assess oneself and distinguish oneself from others.

"Our findings may be a step towards understanding the mechanisms behind psychiatric manifestations such as paranoia, persecution and alien control," the authors said.
Of course, that doesn't explain temperature drops, electromagnetic events, items levitating, floating lights, doors slamming, water being turned on and off, lights being turned on and off, etc.

Also, I lived in a house that was terribly haunted, everyone in the home experienced it. We lost a bottle of peroxide and when dad commanded it back, next morning it reappeared in the middle of the living room floor. I don't think that all the people in the house over looked something in the middle of the floor.

What about the bruises and scratches on me? Including in the middle of my back, and the hand shaped bruise on my arm that I couldn't have self inflicted as the thumb was on the outside of my left arm in a way that I couldn't have reached. I also woke up with bandaids wrapped around my fingers on several occasions. I didn't do it.

Then there was the paint can lid.. When I was sitting in an upstairs bedroom painting the door my hair was being pulled constantly. When I was done and I went to put the lid back on the paint can, it wasn't to be found. We put the paint in something else and a full 2 weeks later the paint can lid appeared on the back of the toilet in the downstairs bathroom with the paint still wet. Explain that as a trick of the mind.

Money (coins) appeared scattered throughout the house. Screws and nails appeared face up on the stairs over and over. Old nails with square heads but no rust. Small tacks, etc.

Keyla my dog was afraid in that house. She would yelp and hide behind me and jump at nothing. She would stair at nothing and urinate and act frightened. She went nuts in that house and my mom got rid of her for it. She wasn't like that in Bourbonais.

Doesn't explain witches being able to command ghosts to haunt people WHO DONT KNOW they were supposed to being haunted. Witches can command spirits to guard things, haunt people, etc. Really powerful witches are supposed to be able to do even more.

What about the floating loaf of bread? Me and dad were in the kitchen and a loaf of bread floated off the counter and into the middle of the room, levitated there for a little bit then fell to the floor in slow motion. We both sat there stunned for a minute without saying anything. He was peeling a cantaloupe. He put the spoon down he had been digging the seeds out with and got up and put the bread back on the counter. We were both at least 5 feet from the bread. The bread was in the counter near the sink, floated out to the middle of the room in front of the stove and then descended to the floor.

Seeing the ghosts wasn't what frightened me in the house in St. Anne. It was the physical abuse, the items disappearing and reappearing.


Anyway! I guess the point of this thread is to gather other opinions on ghosts/spirits and other experiences with the supernatural. So, please, discuss if you think I am psycho or if you have had similar experience.