Pinball - Preview

Pokemon Pinball

Most people say to themselves: "Pokemon Pinball? That's just cheesy!" But you need to play the game to get the idea of it. It is a game of pinball mixed with your favorite Pokemon. The point of the game is to get a high score. The fun thing about this game, is the part of trying to catch the Pokemon. There are 150 catchable/trainable Pokemon in the game. (maybe even more) The pinball is the form of a pokeball, and if you shoot it into the right place, a Pokemon will appear. then to capture it you need to hi six bumpers to make it appear then you need to hit the actual Pokemon four times and it is yours. This ties together your favorite Pokemon GB game and a simple Pokemon game!


A Button - Controls the right flipper
Left - Controls the left flipper
Start - Pause. Allows you to save and play later.
B Button - Shakes the board to the left.
Down - Shakes the board to the right.
Select - Shakes the board up and down.

Pokemon Pinball is for Game Boy Color only. The newest feature for the Gameboy is with this game, the first ever GB Rumble Pack. I have to admit, it's not to great. It can be fun, but it makes an annoying buzzing noise and doesn't shake too much. It requires 1 AAA battery which I bet would last for awhile. This is a neat concept that added to the game a little more fun.