Pokemon Channel - Channels

Here is a list of all the channels with information, including the 2 secret channels:

Pichu Bros. In Party Panic: Parts 1 to 5

A pokemon episode starring the Pichu Bros. The Pichu Bros. and the gang finds out that pokemon are carrying cresent moon shaped cards. Later, they realized that the cards are invitations to Mewoth's Party.

PNF (Pokemon News Flash)

Everything you want to know on pokemon is here. This channel has interviews with pokemon and it has two random topics each time you watch it.

Shop 'N Squirtle

Want to buy great Pokemon merchandise? Here's the place to be! Shop 'N Squirtle sells pokemon dolls, bus passes, wallpaper, televisions, pokemon mini games, Nice Card packs, posters, pokemon frames, and more! If you want to see a list of all the things you can get at Shop 'N Squirtle, go to the section "Shop 'N Squirtle Items".

Shoochum Shape-up

This channel allows you and Pikachu to exercise! At first, Pikachu won't be good, but the more times you watch this channel, it'll be an expert in no time!

Quiz Wobbuffet

You can earn poke money here at this channel. When Wobbuffet is on his third, fifth, or sixth question, he'll ask you to answer the question. The quicker you answer the question, the more poke money you'll earn! If you answer REALLY quickly, you'll get 200 poke money! If you just answer quickly, you'll get 150 poke money! If you answer a bit slow, you'll get 100 poke money. If you are just slow, you'll get 50 poke money. If you are completely wrong, you don't get any poke money!

Slowpoke's Weather Report

Many people says that this is one of the most boring channels of all. Slowpoke walks around for a few minutes and finally makes it sunny, cloudy, rainy, or snowy. The weather can cause different pokemon to appear in a specific area.

Smeargle's Art Study

Here, Smeargle evaluates your paintings that you did. Nothing much in this channel.


This is another channel where you can earn poke money. When an egg appears on a lilypad, there is a little line on the top of the screen where it shows how many more minutes or hours until the egg hatches. If the line says that the egg will hatch in a few hours or so, guess the pokemon in the egg and wait until the time is up. Then, check back when the time is up and if you are correct, you'll earn poke money. The more hours it says, the more poke money you'll get if you are correct!

Chansey's Fortune

You pick a fortune cookie and Chansey will tell you your fortune. Sometimes, the fortune is correct!

Odd One Out

This is another channel where you can earn poke money. First, there's an amount of poke money at the top. You have to guess if there is an even amount of pokemon on the field or is there an odd amount of pokemon on the field. Remember this: The more time you waste, the fewer poke money you'll get!

Mareep Farm

Lots of people says that this is the most boring channel of all! All you do is count the number of Mareep that jumps over the fence! Smoochum's Pokemon Rating

Smoochum rates the top 5 pokemon, followed by a question, and then Smoochum will tell you your secrets.

Written By: Jaifu