Fan Fics - Ash The Master

Another battle. That boy, the one called Ash, just used me as last resort. Once that annoying little rat was out, he would use the water turtle. Then the grass frog. I was just his backup pokemon. When the chances of winning were dim, out I would come, out of that evil ball. I don't know why I listen to him, what other choice is there? I would die in the wild, I'm too used to the safe life of a trained monster.
Here I was, materializing in front of another opponent. I glanced behind me, and saw Ash and his two friends. And that rat. Oh, how I despise that little electric rodent! He just puts on that cute loyal act for the trainer, sucking up to everyone he meets. I hate that rat. I turned back to the opponent. A poison snake. "Charrrrbok!" It hissed. I have faced this opponent before. Many, many times. I released an attack, and heard the groans of the red-haired human woman as she returned the poison snake.
"Good job!" The trainer Ash was praising me. But not with the burning enthusiasim he praises his yellow rat with. Hugs and kisses for the vermin, 'Good job' for me. Why does he treat the rodent with respect, yet he is almost afraid to come near me? Was I not the one he saved from abuse when I was young? He cared for me then, why not now? My thoughts were interrupted as I got sucked back into that ball.
Later, I don't know when, I was released once again onto a battle field. Instead of a shabby clearing in the forest, this was a stadium where humans gather to watch us pokemon beat each other. It's a sick thing to do, and I don't see the thrill in it. The electric rat was wimpering in the arms of Ash, but still managed to shoot me a dirty look, as if to say "Dumb oaf. You had better not screw this up." I hate that rat.
The opposing trainer sent out a pokemon I haven't seen before. A vine ball. Just by the look of the small monster, I knew it would be no problem winning this match. I reared back to attack, but a weak voice stopped me.
"Please...don't hurt me..." I glared down at the little ball of grass at my feet. It was trembling.
"Come on, Tangela! Give it all you've got!" The other trainer yelled.
"You have to listen... he dosen't treat us me..." The vine ball gasped. I felt something inside of me. I haven't felt it in ages...I felt sorry for this creature. I remembered the old days, when I had been mistreated. I had to do something....yes, I knew what to do. It would make the opposing trainer feel respect for his pokemon, maybe the little bundle of vines would earn some sort of prize. I had to do it, I didn't care what Ash thought. So I sat down and scratched my ear. I totally ignored the trainer.
"Charizard! Not again..." Ash cried.
"Charizard refuses to battle. Tangla is the winner!" A deafening roar from the crowd was the last thing I heard before I was sucked back into the ball. I was left with two thoughts. One, I had done something for that vine pokemon. And the other thought was that look that the evil yellow rat gave me as I went into the ball. A look of pure hatred.

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Ash The Master