Pokemon Anime

Here's the section that has everything to do with the Pokemon Anime (television show/movies). First, there's the Episode Guide. It gives you a detailed synopsis on each television episode. The Movie Guide section tells you all you need to know about the Pokemon movies. The Character Bios are the biographies of the characters, and learn all the lyrics in the Lyrics section.

Anime Quotes

Episode Guide The Episode Guide is the place to get info on episodes you missed, or just forgot. There's a synopsis for each episode, and even future titles!
Movie Guide The Movies section is your resource for information on every single movie released. There are many pictures and summaries, and other miscellaneous info.
Character Bios How old is Ash? What's his favorite quote? How does he look like? Get all that and more in this section.
Lyrics Team Rocket's motto might be easy, but how about Jigglypuff's lullaby? Find a collection of Pokemon lyrics in here.